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Sorry folks, I was never David's ex-gf, although he'd like to beleive it so.I never even met him.

I turned him down on the okcupid website, and ever since he has been stalking me and even now threatening me. yeah, thats right. He found me on facebook and is now threatening to kill me and my family. This guy is a total nutcase.

If you're reading this David, if you ever threaten me again, It will be the last thing you ever do.

Get a life loser and move on.I have better things to do than to deal with physchopaths like you.


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This guy threatened my life and I don't even know him.He is clearly mentally unstable.

He threatens to have his army friends harm me.

I am taking this to the authorities and having them deal with this.I refuse to allow this man to threaten me and my family because of a post from someone else.


I had found Mr. Broido online, and was considering him for a commission related to a short film I am writing. Unfortunately, his conduct here has changed my mind about using Great Undead FX as a supplier.


I dated this a hole briefly.He is very talented.

B. He was verbally and emotionally abusive. You was terried he would even hit me he was so insane. I also saw meds for schizophrenia on his night stand.

He's very sick.It's best not to waste time on him.

Austin, Texas, United States #1250725

Broido is mentally unbalanced. He needs to seek help.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1253840

LOL. You're the same internet troll that wrote the other stuff, too. You're sad, dude.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1236424

Hi, it's me Dave, the owner.I just wanna say how funny it is that the only people here who actually know me, have spent any real time with me, AND HAVE ACTUALLY USED MY BUSINESS and purchased something from it are the ones leaving positive reviews and responses, not negative ones.

I've either never met, or only met in passing a single person who wrote some dumb *** here on this thread.

How quaint... You think you're that good a judge of character that you know me from one or two online interactions, and a bunch of hateful stories you heard from the rest of the sheep?

In case you didn't know, reporting shady and bad business transactions is actually what this website is used for, NOT slandering individuals because they were a meaniehead to you outside of their business on social media (Which is what 99% of the reviews below are about).

Alas, life goes on. I continue to serve my customers, and they continue to be elated with their props or makeup. I'm booked with work for a while with a smile.

Next time you come here to leave your *** two cents, don't be such a *** coward like all these anonymous ***.Identify yourself

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1236364

David's comments in self defense only show how petty, thin skinned and trite his character truly is. He cannot take criticism and constantly applauds his own meager efforts.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1236360

David Broido is a very disturbed and unstable person. He is dangerously arrogant and will not hesitate to lie online to discredit someones reputation or business. He is a petty and small man to be avoided.


I know this is old as *** now, but I've also had the misfortune of stumbling across Mr.Broido and he is a serious wack-job.

No kidding, to go out of his way to flip the *** out and threaten people online and pretend he's some badass. Dude, you make props, which would be cool, if you weren't such a douche. As for his "badass" Army time, he trained medical personnel with prop wounds...his entire time with the "82nd" was for two years. The dude is seriously unstable, some BS on the internet he doesn't like and he feels he should just go on long tirades about how awesome he thinks he is.

Dude, nobody is out to get you, online or in person.Go back to making your props and chill the *** out.

San Diego, California, United States #924649

Special Operations 82nd?That does not exist.

If you're making so much money, why do you need a Gofundme page?I smell ***

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